Duncor Road Construction Links

The International Slurry Surfacing Association- ISSA

The International Slurry Surfacing Association is an international non-profit trade association comprised of contractors, equipment manufacturers, public officials, research personnel, consulting engineers and other industry interest, working together to promote the concept of pavement preservation with the increased and more efficient use of slurry and micro surfacing, chip seal and crack treatment in roadway pavement.

Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Assoc –AEMA

AEMA is a proactive organization dedicated to the advancement of the asphalt emulsion industry, constantly focusing on system preservation and the construction of the world’s infrastructure. As one of Canada’s largest municipal associations, OGRA represents the transportation and public works-related concerns of 445 municipalities and many First Nation communities of Ontario. For over 100 years, OGRA has aided municipalities in their efforts to provide efficient and effective transportation systems.

Ontario Good Roads Association- OGRA

Ontario Good Roads Association has expanded its resources and developed new services to help member municipalities meet their greatly increased
responsibilities. Through the association’s representation to governments, and through growing educational programs and services, newworkshops, member forums and innovative electronic networks, OGRA supports its members in meeting their responsibilities to design,build, maintain and manage roads and structures in Ontario. Membership in OGRA means access to a vast information exchange network and an important support structure.

Infastructure Health and Safety Association

The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) was formed in January 2010 by amalgamating the Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO), the Electrical & Utilities Safety Association (E&USA), and Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario (THSAO). The amalgamation will lead to more efficient administration and more staff on the front lines. Savings from integrating back-office departments will go towards increasing the number of field consultants available to help firms prevent injury and illness.

The Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA)

The Ontario Road Builders’ Association is the voice of over 100 road building contractors who build and maintain the majority of the provincial highway system and Ontario’s municipal roads and bridges. The Association also represents almost 80 Associate Members who manufacture, distribute and/or supply products, equipment and services to the road building industry.

Duncor Enterprises Inc is a proud member of the above organizations. Duncor Enterprises  prides it self on the quality of their workmanship and are committed  to ensure all projects are completed to the highest standard, and provide clients with great service and a superior product.