Fog Seal

A Fog Seal is a process used on a new chip seal to reduce early stone loss commonly encountered with surface treatments, and to give a nice, black surface.

A water based emulsion, commonly a CQS-1H or equivalent, is sprayed on the new surface with a distributor, overlapping the center line at a rate of +/- 0.5 kg/m². It may or may not be followed by a light coating of a Class IV Sand at a rate of 3-6 kg/m² , depending on traffic requirements.

The end result is a new, inexpensive, black surface that will extend the life of your resurfacing investments.

Fog Seal applications provide the following benefits;

Stone Retention-Seals in loose aggregate normally encountered with surface treated roads

Winter Maintenance – Dark surface creates a higher road temperature allowing roads to bare quicker

Public Relations-Avoids dust, and windshield/vehicle damage due to flying aggregate when traffic resumes use.

Duncor Enterprises Inc. Fog Seal, Chip Seal – Ontario road resurfacing company.