Micro Surfacing

Micro– Surfacing is a cold mix blend of high quality aggregates, polymer modified emulsions, water and mineral fillers mixed according to a predetermined mix design from a laboratory.

It is applied to existing, higher volume, heavy traffic roads and highways that are still in fair to good condition, as a means of a cost effective preventative maintenance. It can reduce deterioration by sealing, prevents further oxidization, corrects raveling and provides or replaces a high degree of skid resistance. It can also correct wheel rutting, (up to 38mm thick) or re-profile a road. It has a life expectancy exceeding seven years.

It is applied to existing pavements using a specialized micro box, (more comparable to a paver screed than a slurry box) which is connected to the micro mixing unit, as shown on the right. The micro box is variable width, allowing total coverage of a single lane in one pass.

Crews ahead of the unit set up traffic control, and sweep the road before applying the micro surface. Operators of the units monitor the mixing and application. After a short curing time traffic will be allowed to resume use of the freshly rehabilitated lane.

There are 2 different classes of Micro-surfacing, each using different size aggregates:

  • Type II – ( 1/4” aggregate ) Recommended for Urban and Residential Streets and Airport Runways.
    Recommended application rates are 5.4-10.8 kg/ m 2
  • Type III – ( 3/8” aggregate) Recommended for highway’s and wheel ruts.
    Recommended application rates are 8.1-16.3 kg/ m 2

For further information on how to make micro– surfacing part of your preventative maintenance program, or which type best suit your needs, contact us today, and protect your paving investments.


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The Process of Micro-surfacing