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Surface Treatment is the application of an asphalt emulsion on either an existing asphalt road or a fresh, compacted granular surface immediately followed by the application of a cover aggregate.

It provides an economical all- weather surface for light to higher volume traffic depending on the emulsion and quality of aggregate used. It also provides a waterproof barrier that prevents the intrusion of moisture into the underlying materials and provide a skid resistant surface. It gives new life to a dry, weathered surface. A weathered, raveled pavement can be restored to useful service by application of a single or multiple surface treatment.

The asphalt emulsion is a mixture of asphalt cement, water, and an emulsified agent. It’s composition is approximately 66% AC, 33% water and 1% emulsifier. It is applied with a computerized distributor, at rates varying from 1.30kg/ m² to 2.00kg/ m² . The most commonly used emulsions are HF150, HF150P (Polymer), HFMS-2, and CRS-2. Other emulsions are available for specific applications.

The Aggregate is divided into six different classes.

  • Class 1- washed chip
  • Class 2-comparable to 5/8 crusher run
  • Class 3- HL4
  • Class 4-Commonly known as a sand seal
  • Class 5-fine washed chip
  • Class 6- HL3

It is applied with a computerized chip spreader at rates varying from 12kg/ m² to 22kg/ m² .

These operations are immediately followed by rubber tired rollers, and depending on the application, a steel drum roller.

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