Single Surface Treatment

Single Surface Treatment

Single Surface Treatment is a preventative maintenance tool that preserves and re-enforces existing pavements and surface treated roads, extending their life expectancy.

It is constructed by spraying a uniformed single application of asphalt emulsion on a clean surface with a Computerized Distributor Truck, followed by a layer of cover aggregate that is applied with a Computerized Chip Spreader. This is immediately followed by a minimum of two Pneumatic Rubber Tired Rollers, which seats the aggregate properly into place.


Sealant – Emulsion not only bonds aggregate, but creates a water proof barrier over the roads surface and fills cracks up to 6mm (¼ inch) preventing moisture and air penetration.

Restores Skid Resistance – Transforms a polished surfaced into a fresh wear course.

Time and Money – A Single Surface Treatment is a fraction of the cost of an asphalt overlay while achieving the same result in less time.

For high traffic volume applications polymer modified emulsions should be considered.

It is crucial that all necessary preparations such as pothole patching, leveling, and base repair are completed well in advance of surface treating. It is also recommended that all cracks larger than 6mm (¼ inch) be crack filled months in advance, ideally the season before.


* A Single Surface Treatment will not correct things such as cross fall imperfections and wheel rutting. These deficiencies must be corrected beforehand. *