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Surface Treatment

Application of an asphalt emulsion on either an existing asphalt road or a fresh, compacted granular surface  followed by the application of a cover aggregate.

Slurry Seal vs Micro Surfacing

Slurry seal and Microsurfacing have their specific place in preventive asphalt maintenance. Find out which solution is best for your surface.

Duncor Enterprises Inc.

Duncor Enterprises Inc. is an Ontario based road construction & resurfacing company. We specialize in the application and manufacture of bituminous emulsions. 

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Our Focus is placed on asphalt emulsions for use in the construction of, single and double surface treatments, single and double chip seals, slurry seal,
micro-surfacing, tack coat; and granular sealing.

Duncor Enterprises Inc. serves clients through-out the province of Ontario with a fleet of modern equipment and skilled personnel. Our emulsion manufacturing facility is strategically located in central Ontario, and our tanker fleet is modern and efficient. If you are interested in constructing low cost bituminous (asphalt) surfaces, either over gravel or as a pavement preservation strategy. Please contact us for more information.


The primary mission in our inaugural years was to supply our customers with quality road surface treatments using superior aggregates and emulsions and applying it with state-of-the-art equipment. Our preventative road maintenance operations soon expanded to include Micro-surfacing, Slurry Seal, and Granular Sealing. Road building, Hot Mix Asphalt Paving, Tack Coat, Site Excavation, and various other Winter/ Summer Roads Maintenance Projects were also added to our faculty.


101 Big Bay Point Road Barrie, ONL4N 8M5
Phone: 705-730-1999
Fax: 705-730-7977
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207-4th Line South Shanty Bay On L0L 2L0
Phone 705-487-1440
Fax 705-487-6161
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Over 20 years later our mission remains the same, and has been expanded to include all our present day operations. Our skilled personnel, our large truck and equipment fleet, and work quality reflect our ongoing commitment to maintain our mission currently and for years to come.